Rick’s Cafe, Jamaica

My favorite memory from Jamaica is Rick’s Cafe in Negril. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it was truly an amazing experience! It’s basically a cafe that’s been around since the 70s, where you go to watch the sunset, but most importantly, the cliff divers. These are locals that acrobatically jump from the cliffs to earn a tip from spectators. They put on a crazy show, and all the time, you hear the audience going nuts – a mix of amazement and fear that the guys won’t survive the jump. Some tourists jump too, yet not as high as the locals, and ┬ámy boyfriend was one of the brave ones. In advance, we asked the lifeguard what the worst thing that happen to the divers, and he said: they sometimes get knocked out (!). Not sure if he meant knocked out from the water, or from hitting the cliffs. Well, as the sun set, we enjoyed the view, tropical beverages, and the reggae band that was performing. I’ll definitely go back to Rick’s Cafe next time I’m in Jamaica. <3

For more pictures from my trip to Jamaica, go here.

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